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Kayfabe Commentaries – Back to the Territories: Amarillo – On Demand


Kayfabe Commentaries presents
Back to the Territories: Amarillo
Running time: 2:10

The hard-nosed Amarillo territory of yesteryear can have its roots traced to one man…Dory Funk Sr. A star in the ring and a highly respected promoter and owner, Dory Sr churned out talents that would go on to be superstars both in the ring and as bookers. Texans looking for no frills pro wrestling in the mid century looked no further than Dory's towns.

But an even more remarkable thing happened as Dory Sr. gave the world two scrapping young bucks that would not only go on to national prominence as a tag team, but also both become NWA World Champions. This feat is unprecedented and one of those sons, Terry Funk, is here to take us back in time to the Amarillo territory of the Funk family.

Join our resident mad scientist Jim Cornette and get ready to hop in and hit yet another territory of the past!!!



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