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Kayfabe Commentaries – Guest Booker with Al Snow – On Demand


Kayfabe Commentaries presents
Guest Booker with Al Snow
Running time: 2:04

In an era where “PG” rated wrestling rules, it's easy to forget about the late 90s and a wrestling product on television that featured irreverent, vulgar, and sexual themes. As today's fan seems far less passionate about WWE offerings, perhaps what they need is a jumpstart with some of yesteryear's themes. A product with “attitude.”

This edition of Guest Booker features former OVW booker and current TNA creative member, Al Snow. Snow was right in the mix during the edgy attitude era, reminding audiences what “everybody wanted.”

So how would he define the “attitude era” and just what separates that from today's product? We figured we'd ask the always opinionated former booker that exact question.

Snow tackles all that and so much more as we once again explore the lost art of booking with one of the creative minds of the business. Get ready to spend some time exploring the most controversial era in the sport with our Guest Booker…Al Snow



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