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Kayfabe Commentaries – Guest Booker with Raven – On Demand


Kayfabe Commentaries presents
Guest Booker with Raven
Running time: 1:34

It is June 1996. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leave the WWE and prepare to head to the competition. But in our world here, they land NOT in WCW…but rather ECW. And what if total creative control of their angles were given to the ECW champion of the moment?

In this very special “booker-at-heart” edition of the show, Raven steps in and takes the book in June 1996, and books Hall's and Nash's angles right up to and including the first ECW pay-per-view Barely Legal, in April 1997.

Raven steps in and proceeds to take over the show. He moves to the booking board for total control, and doesn't come up for air until the end of the show. Raven books all of Hall's and Nash's angles in astounding detail.



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