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Kayfabe Commentaries – YouShoot: Vampiro – On Demand


Kayfabe Commentaries presents
YouShoot: Vampiro
Running time: 1:39

From the shadows emerges this most mysterious figure, now prepared to open up to the YOUSHOOT fans. Vampiro has taken the YOUSHOOT oath and agreed to talk about everything personal and professional that you asked. From his time in Mexico, to current day in Lucha Underground this international talent is outspoken and totally outrageous on all topics. Vampiro is very amusing and comical but can also go dark…WAY dark, when touching on his forays into the paranormal.

Vampiro fields your questions about WCW, his troubled relationship with Konnan, voodoo, drugs, oh, and nailing all the telenovella actresses that Univision could serve up!

Get ready…it's another uncensored and outrageous YOUSHOOT!



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World Wrestling Network