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NEW WWN Banner - CREATIVE SEMINAR - 03312017

WWN Creative Seminar – Mar 31, 2017 – Orlando, FL


The 2nd ever WWN Creative Seminar will be hosted by Gabe Sapolsky, who has a resume that includes current WWN VP Of Creative, Ring Of Honor Co-Founder and Booker as well as Personal Assistant To Paul Heyman.
This is a rare learning experience and opportunity for anyone who ever wanted to get into the writing, booking, creative, producing or promoting side of professional wrestling. Sapolsky learned from some of the greatest minds in wrestling. He worked closely with Heyman all throughout the ECW years. Sapolsky also learned from veterans along the way and continues to do so with EVOLVE’s association with WWE. He will pass on the booking/writing/producing fundamentals in this Seminar.
The Creative Seminar on March 31st will include:
-A lecture from Sapolsky about how to break into wrestling and grow.
-A lecture on creative principles by Sapolsky. This will be very comprehensive and cover a number of different subjects.
-In a unique learning experience, Sapolsky will go over the EVOLVE 80 card from the previous night and EVOLVE 81 card from that afternoon. He will go over the notes and format sent to the wrestlers and staff. Then in hindsight, we will be able to examine what worked, what didn’t work, what direction is set and why all these things are happening. You are encouraged to watch the EVOLVE 80 and EVOLVE 81 events live to get the most out of this Seminar.
-There will also be a question and answer session.
If you want to find out what it takes to get into the creative side of wrestling, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. The price for the entire day will be $149.
If you are interested, write in a paragraph on what kind of experience you have and why you want to get into wrestling. Put WWN Creative Seminar in the heading. Email it to Help@WWNLive.com. We will respond. Thank you.

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