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WWN Tryout/Seminar – Roderick Strong – June 30th – Brooklyn, NY


In order to participate in this WWN Tryout/Seminar, you must complete the application located here and be accepted. This is open to wrestlers, referees and managers who have completed a reputable training course. You will not be accepted if you have not completed a training course at a wrestling school. After being accepted, you can then purchase your spot in the WWN Tryout/Seminar. Once purchased, there are no refunds and no exchanges. The sale is final.

We are very excited to announce the next WWN Seminar/Tryout on June 30th in Brooklyn, NY. For the first time, NXT Superstar Roderick Strong will be the special guest!

This is a real opportunity to get booked in NXT, EVOLVE, SHINE and other WWN Family promotions. It is a total learning experience.

The WWN Seminar/Tryout is open to all wrestlers, managers and referees who have completed a reputable training course. Go to the end of this write up to fill out an application. Do not apply if you have not completed a reputable training course. This will not benefit you and you will not be accepted. You must be at least 18 years old to be accepted.

The WWN Seminar/Tryout has a strong track record of success. Over 100 talents have been booked in NXT, EVOLVE, SHINE and other WWN Family promotions after taking part in the WWN Seminar/Tryout. At least one participant from this WWN Seminar/Tryout will be picked to go to a NXT TV taping as an extra (after completing proper WWE paper work). Several past WWN Seminar/Tryout participants have even been on NXT TV!

Strong is one of the most accomplished wrestlers from the independents and in NXT. He brings the experience of his storied career to the WWN Seminar/Tryout. Strong knows what it means to be a champion. He will share that knowledge with you.

In addition, at least one talent will be booked on the EVOLVE card that evening. The WWN Seminar/Tryout has led to several talents getting WWN contracts, with Anthony Greene being the latest. This is opportunity.

Here is what the June 30th WWN Seminar/Tryout will consist of:

-Roderick Strong will give an in depth lecture with an extensive in ring demonstration. Learn what the NXT and WWE Superstars learn at the WWE PC!

-There will be a tryout matches in front of WWN VP Of Talent Relations, Head Of Creative and WWE Creative Consultant Gabe Sapolsky. You will receive an assessment from Sapolsky on your match. This is opportunity.

-The tryout match will be filmed in HD with multiple cameras. You will be given the footage to distribute however you want. This will be high quality footage you can send to promotions to try to get bookings.

-A lecture by Sapolsky on how to get booked, what to do once you get booked to insure you get future bookings and what EVOLVE and WWE are looking for in new talent. Other topics will also include promos, ring entrances and other various items that are important to your success.

-WWN Head Referee Brandon Tolle will give instructions and lessons to the referees. Referees will also receive a written assessment from Tolle, who has experience on several nationally television promotions now.

We are very proud of the contributions that the WWN Seminar/Tryout has made to the independent wrestling scene. It is our mission to strengthen the independent scene by sharing this knowledge and presenting this opportunity. You will get a complete education from in ring techniques to how to get booked to social media etiquette and other outside-the-ring tools you need to be successful. These are the keys to success!

The price of the special first-time-ever WWN Seminar/Tryout with Roderick Strong is $199. There will be absolutely no refunds or exchanges once you have paid. Act now, the WWN Seminar/Tryout usually sells out.

Please fill out the application here to see if you are accepted. We look forward to hosting you for this learning experience and opportunity. Let’s see what you got!


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