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American Combat Wrestling – Southern Stampede 2015 – Double Blu-ray Set


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Product Description

WWN & American Combat Wrestling present
Southern Stampede 2015
New Port Richey, FL

Main Event – 30 Man Bunkhouse Rumble Royal – New participant enters every 90 seconds – Winner to receive a future ACW championship match of their choice!


-ACW Light Heavyweight Champion Josh Hess
-ACW Tag Team Champions Flying Solow of Jason Cade & Aaron Solow
-Dontay’s Inferno of CJ O’Doyle, Rhett Giddins & Francisco Ciatso w/ Dontay Brown & Stormie Lee
-Martin Stone
-Aaron Epic
-Kennedy Kendrick
-Jayson Falcone
-Blanco Loco
-Bucky Wells
-Wayne Van Dyke
-Beastly Brody
-Mitch Mitchell
-Jeff Boom
-Anthony Jannazzo
-Romeo Quevado
-Aria Blake
-Alex Green
-Mark Silva
-Tommy Penirelli
-Gabriel Black
-Ushaka Isaroq-bey
-Johann Ramzes
-Alex Payne
-Jody Kristofferson

CJ O’Doyle w/ Dontay Brown & Stormie Lee vs. Deimos

ACW Tag Team Champion Aaron Solow vs. Martin Stone

ACW Tag Team Champion Jason Cade vs. Jayson Falcone

Dontay’s Inferno (Rhett Giddins & Francisco Ciatso) w/ Dontay Brown & Stormie Lee vs. Generation Genesis (Mitch Mitchell & Jeff Boom)

Non-Title Match
ACW Light Heavyweight Champion Josh Hess vs. Blanco Loco

Romeo Quevado vs. Aaron Epic

Beastly Brody vs. Jody Kristofferson

Bonus Disk

ACW Bike Fest Showcase
Cotee River Bike Fest 2015
New Port Richey, FL

ACW Light Heavyweight Championship – Six Way Freestyle
Jayson Falcone defends vs. Blanco Loco vs. Aaron Epic vs. Wayne Van Dyke vs. Josh Hess vs. Romeo Quevado

Battle of the Bulls
Deimos vs. Francisco Ciatso w/ Stormie Lee

Kennedy Kendrick vs. Rhett Giddins w/ Stormie Lee

Beastly Brody vs. Taino

Bucky Wells vs. Anthony Jannazzo

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World Wrestling Network