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Kaiju Big Battel – You Can Hide, But YOU Can’t Run – On Demand


Kaiju Big Battel presents
You Can Hide, But YOU Can't Run
Ybor City, FL

The Kaiju Tripledown Actionomics Tour is heading for Florida.

That's right Kaiju Big Battel is heading to Florida for the first time. We will be in Tampa, Oct 30, Orlando, Oct 31, Gainesville as part of, FEST13 on Nov 1, and Jacksonville, Nov 2,

All of your favorite Kaiju will be in attendance including Dr. Cube and his Posse, The Rogues, The Heroes, Space Bugs, and more. Who knows what is going to happen this weekend of mayhem, but one thing is for sure, it will be one of the most fun nights of your life.

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World Wrestling Network