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Kayfabe Commentaries – YouShoot: Tammy Sytch – On Demand


Kayfabe Commentaries presents
YouShoot: Tammy Sytch
Running time: 2:23

The series that changed the entire shoot industry is back and better than ever! Tammy Sytch takes the YouShoot oath and takes all your questions. Tammy's rich life in the business, complete with ups and down, leaves lots of opportunity for questions. She is remarkably candid about… er… EVERYTHING!

Nothing is out of bounds as Tammy tells you WHAT she likes, WHO she doesn't, and HOW SHE LIKES IT! (Yup…that!) The YouShoot games are back, with lots of graphics and fun surprises which take the series to a level never before attempted in the business. And Tammy is here to take you on the wild ride!

Hop on…it's the one, the only, Tammy Sytch on the one, the only… YOUSHOOT!



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