WWN will hold it’s only Seminar/Tryout of the summer for talent and final Creative Seminar of the year on August 11th in Joppa, MD at the MCW Arena before the EVOLVE event that night. These are two different Seminars in one day!

In order to make this a great opportunity for all wrestlers, referees and managers this Seminar/Tryout will be priced at a discounted rate of $99.

WWN looks to add to the pro wrestling world with these Seminar/Tryouts. They are designed to educate, expose and advance talent both in-the-ring and behind-the-scenes. We are looking to share our collective years of experience with you. This is our way of spreading our knowledge to improve the pro wrestling industry.

The WWN Seminar/Tryout for wrestlers, referees and managers will be led by Co-Head Trainers Tracy Williams and Matt Riddle. Williams brings his experience with Catch Point to teach the style that is prevalent in EVOLVE. Riddle will show how to use MMA principles in pro wrestling. The two will combine to teach training and wrestling techniques.

The Seminar/Tryout will also see a lecture by WWN VP Of Talent Relations, Marketing and Creative Gabe Sapolsky. This will be an updated version of his “How To Get Booked” lecture which will guide you on the road to reaching your goals and being booked. The updated version will include new principles that Sapolsky has learned from the WWE office.

In addition, Stokely Hathaway will give a lecture on branding and social media. Learn how to market yourself and learn social media techniques to improve your visibility within professional wrestling. This portion of the WWN Seminar/Tryout will also teach out what to do vs. what not to do online. Your social media presence is everything. Become a brand, expand your reach, and show the world what you can do. This is to give you a completely well rounded learning experience and provide the tools and lessons for success.

More importantly, this is a real tryout for EVOLVE and the other WWN brands. Over 35 wrestlers, referees and managers have been booked in EVOLVE, FIP, Style Battle, SHINE and ACW. Several talents have earned contracts and full time jobs in EVOLVE after being discovered in a WWN Seminar/Tryout including Darby Allin, Jason Kincaid, The Gatekeepers, referee DA Brewer (who has since been signed to NXT) and others!

You will get a five minute tryout match in front of WWN officials. This tryout match will also be recorded on multiple cameras in HD. You will be given this professional footage to use anyway you want!

In addition, a match on that evening’s EVOLVE 90 card will feature selected participants from the Seminar/Tryout. This is your chance to wrestle for EVOLVE live on FloSlam.tv.

It is our goal to educate and give any talent a real opportunity in the WWN Seminar/Tryout. This is the best way to get your foot in the door, get seen and be discovered!

All interested parties must fill out the application below. We will then send you a return email with approval before you can purchase. Please note that you must have completed a training course. Thank you.

The WWN Creative Seminar with WWN VP Of Talent Relations, Marketing & Creative Gabe Sapolsky on August 11th will be a rare learning experience and opportunity for anyone who ever wanted to get into the writing, booking, creative, producing or promoting side of professional wrestling. Sapolsky learned from some of the greatest minds in wrestling. He worked closely with Paul Heyman all throughout the ECW years. Sapolsky also learned from veterans along the way and continues to do so with EVOLVE’s association with WWE. He will pass on the booking/writing/producing fundamentals in this Seminar.

This is an insider learning experience and opportunity for anyone who ever wanted to get into the writing, booking, creative, producing or promoting side of professional wrestling. Sapolsky’s resume includes being Paul Heyman’s personal assistant in ECW, co-founding and booking Ring Of Honor through October 2008, Vice President of Dragon Gate USA and now booker of EVOLVE, Style Battle, Full Impact Pro and the WWN Supershow.

The Creative Seminar on August 11th will be a very unique experience. It will include:

-A lecture from Sapolsky about how to break into wrestling and grow.
-A lecture on creative principles by Sapolsky. This will be very comprehensive and cover a number of different subjects.
-In a unique learning experience, Sapolsky will go over the card that night before it happens. You will learn what the expectations are for the matches and storylines.
-You will be given a ticket to stay and watch that night’s event.
-After the event, there will be a brief lecture to go over how expectations compared to reality.
-There will be a question and answer session.
-There will also be special guests.

You will also watch the WWN Seminar/Tryout matches with Sapolsky, who will offer critiques and opinions of the talent to help you in your talent evaluation.

This is a real opportunity to break into the WWN Family. Chris T. Bonjour was a participant in the first WWN Creative Seminar. He got his foot in the door there and is now the WWN Midwest promoter. Bonjour started in the WWN Creative Seminar and is now a valuable part of The WWN Family.

If you want to find out what it takes to get into the creative side of wrestling, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for. The price for the entire day will be $149.

If you are interested, write in a paragraph on what kind of experience you have and why you want to get into wrestling. Put WWN Creative Seminar in the heading. Email it to Help@WWNLive.com. We will respond. Thank you.

We are very proud at WWN to offer these two unique Seminars to give back to the wrestling industry. You will leave with the tools to advance. This is opportunity.

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We appreciate your interest in the WWN Seminar/Tryout. If you are accepted to participate you can make payment in the WWNLive.com Store or by calling 267-638-6583. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Good luck!

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