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The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout has had a very successful 2019 with wrestlers and referees earning EVOLVE contracts, spots at NXT TV and WWE PC tryouts. We are proud that hundreds of talents have learned from NXT coaches, producers and talents. We close 2019 with two EVOLVE Seminar/Tryouts. The final EVOLVE Seminar/Tryouts of 2019 will be:

-November 10th in Brooklyn, NY
-December 7th in Chicago, IL

The location will be the same as the EVOLVE events on those evenings.

Please note the next EVOLVE Recruitment Camp will now take place in January. We will have more information soon.

The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout is open to wrestlers, referees and managers who have completed a reputable training course. We have now opened it up to announcers who have experience in pro wrestling. If you are interested, please fill out the below application. Do not fill it out if you have not completed training. The experience will not benefit you. If you need to train, we recommend the WWN Training Academy. Information can be found at

We are very excited to announce that NXT Champion Adam Cole will be the special guest at the November 10th EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout. Cole will share the lessons he’s learned at the WWE Performance Center that have made him NXT Champion. This is the first time Cole will be the guest at the EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business.

If you are accepted, you can make payment now to secure your spot for November 10th and December 7th. Your spot can only be secured with payment. There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges when payment is made. The last several EVOLVE Seminar/Tryouts have sold out.

The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout will include:

-A lecture and/or in ring seminar with the special guest from NXT. This will be Adam Cole on November 10th. We will determine the guest soon for December 7th.

-Tryout match to be scouted by WWE Creative Consultant and EVOLVE VP Of Talent Relations & Creative Gabe Sapolsky

-The Tryout match will be filmed with multiple cameras in HD. You will be given this footage to use however you want.

-An evaluation of your tryout match from Sapolsky.

-Sapolsky’s “Tools For Success” guide. Sapolsky shares the lessons he’s learned over the past 26 years from working in ECW as Paul Heyman’s personal assistant to co-founding and booking Ring Of Honor, Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE to working in NXT under Paul Levesque. The guide covers numerous subjects, including how to get booked, the promo playbook, social media etiquette, what talent evaluators look for in WWE, what EVOLVE wants, pitfalls that can derail your career and several other topics.

-At least one participant will get an opportunity to be an extra at NXT TV live on USA Network. This person must fulfill all WWE requirements and paperwork. You will be required to get yourself to Orlando. You will receive a payday from WWE that will be determined by WWE.

-At least one participant will be booked on the EVOLVE event that night.

-Any suitable participants will get their information sent to WWE with a recommendation for a WWE tryout at the WWE Performance Center.

-You will get into the WWN Family pipeline, which includes EVOLVE, SHINE, FIP and ACW. This can lead to bookings in any of those promotions.

The EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout is a comprehensive learning experience. It is our goal for you to leave a better talent. These are the lessons that you can only get if you are signed to WWE and training at the WWE Performance Center.

This is the best time since the late ‘90s to be talent in the professional wrestling business. There are more opportunities than ever. Everyone is hiring. Get educated. Get an opportunity. Learn. Improve. Become a Superstar.

Date you wish to attend *

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Work Name *

Real Name *

Location *

Email *

Phone *

Height *

Weight *

Birthday *

Athletic Background *

Wrestling Training *

Year Wrestling

Other notable training

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Notable Names you've worked with

Anything Else We should Know

Any medical history or problems we need to know about

We appreciate your interest in the EVOLVE Seminar/Tryout. If you are accepted to participate you can make payment in the Shop or by calling 267-638-6583. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Good luck!

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