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WWN has two incredible opportunities for wrestlers, managers and referees in April. WWN will hold the first-ever three day WWN Recruitment Camp with several NXT talents and WWE Performance Center coaches on April 12th-14th. WWN will also hold a WWN Seminar/Tryout on April 3rd in Queens, NY with special guest WWE PC Coach Robby Brookside.

The WWN Recruitment Camp has SOLD OUT. We look forward to hosting the participants. We will have news on the next WWN Recruitment Camp in the upcoming months.

April 3rd WWN Seminar/Tryout

The WWN Seminar/Tryout on Wednesday, April 3rd will be at La Boom in Queens, NY. This is the perfect opportunity for all talent coming in for Wrestlemania week. We are very pleased to welcome back Coach Brookside as the special guest. The start time will be mid-afternoon.

This is almost sold out. Only a few spots remain.

At least one participant will be selected to be an extra at an upcoming NXT TV taping. At least one participant will also be selected to be on a future EVOLVE event. Over 100 talents have appeared in EVOLVE, SHINE and other WWN Family brands after being discovered in a WWN Seminar/Tryout.

Coach Brookside will give you the same training and lessons you normally have to be at the WWE Performance Center to receive. He will share his three decades of knowledge and teach the WWE way. You will leave a better performer.

The April 3rd WWN Seminar/Tryout will consist of:

-Coach Brookside will give an in depth lecture and in ring demonstration.

-There will be tryout matches in front of WWE Creative Consultant, WWN VP Of Talent Relations and Head Of Creative Gabe Sapolsky. Coach Brookside will also scout the tryout matches.

-The tryout matches will be filmed in HD with multiple cameras. You will be given the footage to distribute however you like.

-You will receive a written critique of you match with an extensive lesson on how to get booked, what to do once you are booked and how to improve your in ring performance.

The price of the April 3rd WWN Seminar/Tryout is $199. You must fill out an application below and be accepted to participate. You must have completed a reputable training course to be approved.

We are very proud of what the WWN Seminar/Tryout brings to the independent wrestling scene. We look forward to continuing this on April 3rd.

WWN Recruitment Camp

WWN is very excited to announce the first-ever WWN Recruitment Camp. This will be an extensive three-day seminar with an unprecedented opportunity. The dates will be April 12th-14th in Port Richey, FL. This is SOLD OUT. Here is the info:

The Opportunity

Standout participants will receive an invitation to the WWE Performance Center (PC) for a 3-day WWE tryout! You can be included in one of the semi-annual WWE tryouts, which have seen numerous athletes awarded WWE contracts.

Standout participants will also be awarded an opportunity to sign WWN contracts, which leads to full time bookings in EVOLVE.

Several participants will be selected to be booked on upcoming WWN Family events, including EVOLVE, SHINE, FIP, Style Battle, ACW and other brands.

The Education

The WWN Recruitment Camp will feature an all-star roster of WWE PC Coaches and Talent. Over the course of the three days you will learn from and be scouted by:

-NXT Coach Terry Taylor
-NXT Coach Norman Smiley
-NXT Coach Serena Deeb
-NXT Superstar Oney Lorcan
-NXT Referee Drake Wuertz
-WWN VP Of Talent Relations & Creative & WWE Creative Consultant Gabe Sapolsky
-Plus other guests from EVOLVE!

The Self-Promotion Tools

All participants will leave the WWN Recruitment Camp with multi-camera footage of their tryout matches in 4K, professional photos for 8x10s and a certificate of participation. These are the items you need to send out for bookings.

The Details

The WWN Recruitment Camp is for wrestlers, referees and managers of all experience levels. The three-day course is designed to be a complete education. You will learn what the WWE Superstars learn at the WWE Performance Center. The only way to normally get this knowledge is to train at the WWE PC. Here’s what the WWN Recruitment Camp will entail:

-Coach Taylor will share his 30 years of experience in an extensive one-day seminar.

-Coach Smiley will share his knowledge in a lecture, scout the tryout matches and offer advice to the participants.

-Coach Deeb will conduct a seminar, with special attention to the women athletes.

-Oney Lorcan, who conducts classes at the WWE PC, will teach from the modern wrestler’s perspective.

-Drake Wuertz will conduct a special seminar for the referees and teach wrestlers/managers how to work with referees.

-Gabe Sapolsky will scout the tryout matches, lecture on how to get booked and offer advice on numerous other aspects of presenting your character.

-Each participant will get a tryout match, which will be filmed in 4K. The tryout matches will air live on the WWNLive Facebook and then go on Club WWN. This will be exposure. Each participant will be sent the footage of the tryout matches to use however they want.

-Each participant will take part in a photo shoot and have access to professional quality photos for resumes, 8x10s or any other use they need.

-Each participant will be taught the art of ring entrances, have their ring entrance filmed for their personal use and be critiqued.

-Each participant will take part in a promo class, have their promos critiqued and be given footage of their promos.

-There will be a lecture on social media and the pitfalls that could derail your career.

-There will be instruction on how to work with commentators so they can present you in the best possible way.

-We will assist you with hotel deals as well as room sharing at your own preference.

-We will provide transportation to and from the airport.

-You will have an opportunity to attend the EVOLVE event on April 13th in Ybor City, FL, with a look at how the show is booked. This is designed to give you a different feel for a live event. You will learn expectations from the creative department’s perspective.

-There will be special guests from WWN to share their unique knowledge.

-All of the results will be reported to WWE for potential opportunities with their 3 day tryout camp and other opportunities.

-There will be many more aspects to this invaluable learning experience!


Please send any questions you may have to with subject “WWN Recruitment Camp“.

This is just a taste of the immersive learning experience that the WWN Recruitment Camp offers. This is a real opportunity to go to a WWE Performance Center tryout. This is a chance to get into the WWN Family. The cost for this is $699. Please fill out the below application and await approval if you are interested.

This is an investment in your future. Space will be limited so all participants will get the proper attention. It is our goal to make you a valuable part of any locker room and an elite performer. Good luck!

Date you wish to attend *

Are you coming to the Seminar/Tryout as a Wrestler, Referee or Manager *

Work Name *

Real Name *

Location *

Email *

Phone *

Height *

Weight *

Birthday *

Athletic Background *

Wrestling Training *

Year Wrestling

Other notable training

Promotions worked for

Notable Names you've worked with

Anything Else We should Know

Any medical history or problems we need to know about

We appreciate your interest in the WWN Seminar/Tryout. If you are accepted to participate you can make payment in the Store or by calling 267-638-6583. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! Good luck!

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